A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach has claimed that his employer, which trains and coaches elite athletes, is paying him $50,000 a month and that he earns more than he earns from his sport.

Citing a letter he received from the company that operates the World Jiu-jitsu Federation (WJJF), the coach says he was paid $50 per hour from March to September, as reported by Vice News.

He claimed that he made between $40,000 and $70,000 annually, and that the company would only pay him a small percentage of his income if he competed in WJJF competitions.

“I know my salary from March and October, so I am in a good position to make my living,” he said in the letter.

“I will make sure that I don’t get injured and that I will train and compete as if I were a world champion.”WJJA President Rodrigo Vieira has not responded to requests for comment from Vice News on the claims.

The company did not respond to a request for comment by the time of publication.

In the letter, Vieira said that the pay was based on an agreed-upon wage schedule, and noted that the WJJA was currently negotiating with its own members and the federation.

“This is the first time I have seen a company so blatantly violate my contract,” he wrote.

Vieira also noted that he had signed the agreement and that his contracts were “in the public domain” and that all he had to do was “call or email” and the company could not change it.

He said he was in contact with the federation and the WJA to address the allegations.

“The World Jiu Jugerfederation has never asked me to accept a bonus,” Vieira wrote.

“There is no such agreement.

We are currently in discussions with the WJF regarding the matter.

The WJJ is in the process of negotiating a new agreement.”

The WJJ and the coach have yet to comment on the allegations, nor has WJJO released any additional information.