FOX Sports’ former analyst Eddie Jordan will join Fox Sports Network as an analyst on “Inside the NFL” on Friday, Sept. 23.

Jordan joins Fox sports’ “Inside The NFL” with new host Eric Shanks as the network’s first full-time NFL analyst since it took over from NFL Network last year.

Jordan, who has worked for ESPN and FOX since 2000, has worked at Fox Sports as a host and studio analyst since 2007.

He was the first ESPN analyst to start his career at Fox and later worked as a studio analyst for ESPN, ESPN2 and Fox Sports 1.

Jordan joined Fox Sports after a career at ESPN, and his previous role at Fox included reporting on college football and the NFL.

He previously worked at ESPN and ESPN2 as a senior writer and editor-in-chief for ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”

Jordan joined the Fox Sports studio crew in 2016 as the “ESPN Insider” studio analyst, before becoming the network ‘s head analyst in 2017.

Jordan has been a guest analyst on Fox Sports broadcasts since 2002.

He joined the network in 2009 after working at ESPN from 1996-2002.

He later moved to Fox Sports 2 in 2010 and later moved back to ESPN2 in 2012.

Jordan is also a co-host of the “InsideTheNFL” podcast, which airs on Sundays at noon ET on FoxSportsGo.

Jordan has been known to occasionally share his thoughts on the game and the news, including during the 2018 NFL Draft, when he called out former Alabama defensive back Jalen Ramsey for not playing his role in Alabama’s championship game win.

Jordan’s NFL career also includes a number of stops in the league, including a stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2018.

He has also covered a number professional football teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts.

Jordan will join the “Fox Sports NFL Nation” podcast to discuss his career and the future of NFL programming.