Seo, the popular Japanese dating app, is showing no signs of slowing down, despite a wave of reports that the app has begun to attract more users due to its user-friendly interface.

In a statement released Wednesday, Seo said it’s “working to make sure everyone can use the app, but in the meantime, we’re seeing an increase in users.”

“We’re currently analyzing the data and working to make Seo better for everyone,” the company said.

“We are continuously monitoring the environment, and if necessary, adjusting our policies.”

The company is not alone in facing such pressure from the public.

The U.K.-based dating app site OkCupid recently reported that its app has seen more than 3 million new users each month in the past six months, according to data from data provider Statista.

The number of new users, however, is a misleading indicator because the company says new users tend to add to existing users.

“People tend to leave OkCuban because they’re not happy,” said one user on the OkCabin forums.

The site said the number of active users fell to 1.7 million in June from 2.5 million in April.

“The rise in usage is a result of people looking for a better experience and a greater choice,” said OkCid’s CEO, Michael O’Sullivan, in a statement.

“But there is a problem in the U.S. We have seen more and more people not using the app for the same reasons we’ve seen in the UK and the U.”

Some of the recent criticism of Seo has focused on its “dating-like” user interface, with some users complaining that it is difficult to use due to how the app presents the information.

“My experience with Seo was great, but I would love to be able to view the profiles of people who are in my same age bracket,” wrote one user.

“Seo just doesn’t seem to be doing its job properly.

It seems like everyone is looking for that perfect match.”

While the app is available in many countries, including the U, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and India, its popularity has been growing in Japan, a nation of less than 10 million people, according the Japan Times.

That has forced the company to look to the U for its growth.

Seo’s Japanese parent company, KDDI, is reportedly planning to sell the app.

The company recently announced plans to buy out Seo as part of its efforts to bolster its balance sheet.

It also has been forced to rethink its strategy, with CEO Michael Oseko saying he will be taking a “long-term” approach to the app’s growth.

“I am not worried about how many users we have,” Oseo said in the statement.

“I am confident that we will achieve our vision of a global platform, which will bring Seo users into a broader audience and allow them to connect with people of all ages,” he added.