NFL training camps will return to Denver this season, and it won’t be a short trip.

Teams will be arriving in Denver on Thursday, July 20 and departing on Monday, July 24, for a four-day span.

The teams will return on Thursday to practice, play games and then depart for their home cities.

That leaves the door open for a late-August start for players and coaches to get ready for the start of the regular season, a possibility that was once considered, but which appears more likely this year.

There’s still a good chance teams won’t have a practice on Thursday.

Teams will be limited to practices for the entire month of August, and that includes games and practices.

The Broncos are expected to practice on Friday, July 23.

That would give the players a chance to get some work in before the regular-season opener on Aug. 10.

The league has set a practice and game schedule for August, but it will be the first time that the regular schedule for preseason games is used for preseason training camps.

That will give the league a chance for the public to watch games and practice without the distraction of a long week.

The schedule for training camp will also change for the second time this year, and not only for players.

The league is using a three-day break between games for players to rest and recover from injuries and to get healthy, according to a source.

Players will have until Thursday, Aug. 15, to be ready for training camps, according the source.

The NFL will also be releasing the schedule for all preseason games in the United States for the rest of the summer.

The schedule will be released on Thursday and include a game on Saturday, Aug, 16.

The games will start at 3:00 p.m.

ET and end at 4:00 a.m., and the games will be streamed online.

The preseason schedule will include a total of 30 preseason games.

The teams will be split into three groups for the season, with the AFC East, NFC East and NFC West teams in the top three, the AFC West and NFC South in the bottom three and the AFC North and NFC East in the middle.

Teammates will play for a combined total of 49 games.

Those games will include eight exhibition games, seven preseason games and a home game.

The first week of training camp is typically the most important.

Players will have to perform well enough to be on the field during practice to prepare for the regular campaign.

The next few weeks will be important, too.

That’s when rookies will begin their development.

It’s the first few weeks where they will see the most action.

They’ll be exposed to the playbook and new offensive schemes and learn to play as a team.

The season opens with the season opener on Sept. 7, the start the Broncos play on the first day of training camps after the NFL’s All-Star Game in March.

The Broncos host the San Diego Chargers on Sept, 11, in a game that will be televised on CBS and the NFL Network.