Blueprints Houston is the home of the Houston template training community.

Its a community of over 100 template designers who are making it their job to provide professional training and education to those seeking to master a variety of templates. 

The Blueprints community includes over 400 students and a total of 100 teachers.

The training center at Blueprints offers students the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top template designers in the Houston area. 

This year, Blueprints students have received over 1,200 hours of training from over 30 top template makers, including Ryan McBride, the creator of the iconic Template Maker series of designs. 

Ryan’s first template, the Houdini, debuted in 2011.

His second template, Bambi, debuted this year. 

After Ryan’s template debuted, he realized that he was not as good at it as he had been. 

“I started to realize how much better I could be with my hands,” Ryan said. 

In 2015, Ryan started Blueprints to get better.

“I was really nervous when I first started it, but once I started practicing, I knew it was going to be great,” Ryan explained. 

Over the course of the past two years, Ryan has earned more than 10,000 hours of template training and learned a lot.

“We teach a ton of different subjects,” Ryan continued.

“So when we teach the fundamentals of templates, we also teach them about how they are used and the tools that they are being used with.” 

“We’re a group of people who are very passionate about templates,” said John Hulsey, a Blueprints co-founder and instructor. 

John Hulay, a co-founding member of Blueprints, said, “I think it’s something that everybody wants to know.” 

John and John’s daughter, Jennifer, are the co-owners of Blueplates.

Jennifer is also the host of the popular Blueprints podcast Hacking The Template. 

Hulsey said that Blueprints was not always a hobby for him, but he wanted to help students realize that the process of creating a template can be rewarding. 

For example, John said that after the first time he learned how to make a template, he was inspired to start a career in template design. 

As a result, John created Blueprints with the intention of expanding the template community. 

He said, “One of the things I like about Blueprints is that it’s a very active community,” John continued. 

Blueprints is also a template training hub for other templates.

As Blueprints expands, John plans to launch a community for all types of templates and even create a template workshop for the first and second generation of students. 

With that in mind, John says that Blueplates is open to teaching all types and levels of templates in the future. 

When asked about what his next goal will be, John responded,  “We will probably do a little more training and have more training in the spring or fall.” 

The Houston template community is expanding every year, and John is eager to continue helping it grow. 

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