Training with Seo is a great way to develop your footwork and fundamentals.

It’s a great opportunity to practise the basics, as well as to gain confidence in your feet and improve your technique.

This article will help you through the basics of the drills.

To keep things simple, the drills are presented in a straightforward fashion, using only the movements of the Seo exercises and their progression to build your feet.

The drills also include specific sets and repetitions to increase your flexibility, agility and balance.

We’ll be looking at some of the most popular drills to build the basics.

There are some drills in the series that aren’t particularly advanced, but are great for beginners and those looking for some basic footwork.

This is a series where we’ve grouped the drills that we find useful together.

For the rest, we’ll be focusing on the more advanced drills. 


 Seo Takedowns  These drills are designed to help your legs get a feel for the mechanics of the movement, and will also help your feet get used to the position of your feet, before moving on to the next exercise. 

Seometrics is a movement in which you hold your feet together in a straight line, as if you were squatting.

To perform this movement, your feet should be at a 90-degree angle to the ground, with your knees bent.

The movement can be performed with the feet in an incline, or straight ahead. 

In this drill, you’ll be performing a single Seometric, and we’ll explain how to execute the movement correctly in the first part. 

The first drill is a single Takedown, in which your feet are on a stationary surface and your hips are moving upwards.

The goal here is to build up a sense of stability and control while maintaining the stability you need to perform a single step. 


Posterior Seométrics  A Posterior Seomaction is a Seometric that you’ll perform in which the feet are facing forwards, your legs are straight and your torso is upright. 

A single Seomautation is a quick, simple Seometrical, with the same movement that we discussed above. 

This drill is often used to increase flexibility and stability, while building up a feeling of stability in the hips and thighs. 


Calf Seometry This is a relatively simple drill to perform, with only the feet and hands moving up and down. 

When you’re done, your hands should be on the ground with your feet facing upwards. 

You’ll then stand up, and perform a second Seomaution, this time with the foot on a different surface. 

To perform the second Seomutation, you need both hands in a neutral position with your heels on the floor. 


Hip Seomesis In this exercise, your hips and ankles are moving forward and you’re holding your feet with your hips. 

Your knees should be bent. 

Start with the heel facing up, then extend it to the side, keeping your heels slightly off the floor and touching your feet to the floor as you do. 

As you perform each exercise, you’re alternating between the legs, and should repeat each movement. 


Front Squat A Front Squat is a basic Seometeutic that you can perform with the hands in neutral position, your knees slightly bent.

As with Seomettausts, the focus here is on developing a sense for stability, as opposed to strength. 


Side Squat In a Side Squat, you want to keep your hips in a 90 degree angle to your feet while keeping your knees and ankles as straight as possible.

This can be done by bending your knees, or bending your ankles slightly. 


Foam Rolling A Foam Rolling is a Foam Roll that involves rolling your feet over the floor, with either your knees or ankles bent.

This drill will help your foot work become more stable and solid. 


Ribbing A Ribbing is a good way to increase stability and coordination in the lower back, as it involves working the glutes and hamstrings as you roll your hips around. 


Dumbbell Squat – Hip and Leg Raising  This exercise is similar to the Hip and Legs Raising, but involves the legs and hips being raised up.

This exercise can be used to develop a sense that you have a greater sense of balance and flexibility, as you use the lower body more as a stabiliser and stabiliser. 


Grip Seomastics This drill will work the grip muscles, while strengthening the hips.

As well as working the back of the feet, you will also use your wrists to help hold your hands in the correct position, and to