The third film in the franchise is getting its first major overhaul this week, with a new set of characters and settings that will be the subject of a massive fan backlash.

That backlash comes from a number of sources, but the most significant is that Miller is not only being portrayed as a “misfit” but also one who lacks a proper backstory.

The film opens with Miller trying to find his place in the world and make his mark on it, but it also takes a major leap backwards.

Miller’s character is a young man who wants to find a way to be the best he can be, and that path starts with him being kicked out of the school he attends.

It’s an interesting and unique path for a young adult to take, and the film gives Miller a ton of freedom in how he proceeds to follow it.

The second film in The Legend of Korra, The Legend Of Korra, stars Ani-Lee Baker as a young woman who’s been in a relationship with a powerful, older male who she is in love with.

The relationship is going poorly and they split up, but Ani is left in the dark about why she was left behind.

She’s been dating this guy, who is an extremely powerful man who also happens to be her mentor.

She has a hard time understanding why this man would want her around, and her mother is shocked that she is being left behind, even though she’s been friends with him for years.

In the original book, this is where we first meet Ani and Korra, and it’s interesting to see how they go from being friends to a romantic relationship in such a short period of time.

It seems to take place after the events of the second film, but we never get a clear indication of what happened to Ani.

It does, however, make it clear that Korra’s feelings for her father are still there, so that’s something.

It also makes it clear why she didn’t want to be with Ani’s mentor: she’s not ready for it.

Miller has a similar dilemma, and is constantly fighting for the things he wants to achieve in life, like the ability to make it to the top of the corporate world, or the chance to be famous.

These are very important issues in his life and he has a huge amount to lose.

It should also be noted that this is a big departure from the original, and one that’s going to be very difficult to reconcile with fans who are familiar with the series.

Miller is clearly trying to change things up, and this film is going to make that hard to reconcile.

Miller also has a major problem in the film: the voice actors for the lead characters are going to have to make more effort to portray the relationships they’ve been through, or they won’t be in the movie.

They are the ones who are going through the real-life trials of the characters in the first film, and they are going into the new setting, which is going up against their own experiences and expectations of what it means to be a female.

They’re going to do a much better job at portraying how Ani feels about her mentor, but they’re also going to struggle to show that they have the same experience and feel the same emotions as Korra and the characters.

Miller doesn’t have the experience and the same emotional depth to work with the other female characters, but he has the skill to give them depth and make them relatable.

This is a major shift for the character of Ani, but also a huge step backwards for Korra.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to find another actor who’s a good fit for the role, but Miller is going the opposite direction, creating an emotional void for a character who has so much to offer and is also a powerful female.

This has some of the biggest issues in the story that fans will probably have to sort out over the course of the film.

Ani isn’t a perfect character, and Korra is a very complicated character.

But I think this new take on her is going be a huge shift for how fans will see Ani going forward.