The annual world’s most creative search party in Boston is about to hit the streets.

As part of the event, the organizers are asking people to upload photos, video, and GIFs of themselves performing their own unique and creative tasks.

The event has been running since April of 2017, and organizers hope to have more than 1,000 participants this year.

The results will be posted on the world’s biggest photo sharing site Flickr.

The world’s leading photo aggregator, Flickr, also is holding a global competition, the Image Search Contest, for photo creators this year to help them find more creative content.

Participants are being asked to submit their images, videos, and other creative content to Flickr as part of their contest entry.

This year’s contest is called “What’s the best selfie?”

Participants will be judged by their submissions to the contest.

The contest includes a photo contest with more than 300 entries and up to five finalists, with winners chosen by the public vote.

This is the first time Flickr has held a contest for the world of creative photography.

Flickr cofounder Joe Belfiore told National Geographic the company is excited to help out with the competition.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the entries and submitting them for this year’s competition,” Belfiores said.

Flickr is also offering prizes to the most creative entrants.

Belfioros said that some of the prizes included a trip to Berlin and a trip through the Google headquarters.

Belfiores told National Magazine that he had been a participant in previous Image Search contests and that this year was different.

“There’s a ton of content, a lot of creativity,” he said.

“It’s really great to see people sharing their creativity with each other.”

Flickr said that the contest is open to anyone who is interested in creating and sharing content, and that any submission should include the hashtag #seotraining.

Flickr has an image editor on board as well, which has been a boon for the company as it works to increase the number of creative images uploaded.

Belfaore said that there is a “significant number” of participants this time around.

“I’m looking forward the next year,” he added.