The Overwatch team has released a new class called “good natured”, a new name for the Overwatch classes that are meant to make the game less violent and less fun for players.

In the class description, the Overwatch team describes it as “a class that is meant to be a neutral space between players who are both competitive and friendly, a place where players can feel like they are always on the same team”.

“Our class is meant for players who want to enjoy the game, but not feel like it’s being a part of a team,” said Blizzard’s Head of Product Management, Chris Metzen, in a new blog post.

“We wanted to make sure that players feel that this class is not the end of the world, that they are never alone in a game of Overwatch.”

The new Overwatch class, called “Goodnatured”, is the first Overwatch class that Blizzard has created to be neutral.

Blizzard had previously teased a new Overwatch subclass called “The Vampiric”, which would be a subclass of the new class that was meant to take on the Vampyre, a class from the original Overwatch that is often seen in the news as a “savior class”.

In a Reddit thread about the class, Metzen said that the idea behind the new Overwatch classes was to provide players with a “safe, positive space” in which to practice their skills and to find “good friends”.

“This is a class that has been designed to make playing Overwatch as enjoyable as possible, while not being a chore to play,” he wrote.

“It’s meant to keep players happy and focused on what they’re doing, rather than worrying about the next action.”

Metzen went on to say that “Good natured” was not meant to mean that players could be a part “of a team”, as in the Vampires class, but rather that the class should be “a safe space for players to play together without having to worry about how they might get matched against other players in other classes”.

“Good naturing” was meant as a term of endearment rather than as a description of the class itself, Metze said.

“The term has been used for a long time, but we wanted to try and make it as neutral as possible,” he said.

“A term that conveys that the person in the class is a good person and they will be able to support one another and not feel that they have to be the one to tell each other how to do things.

The class is also meant to encourage players to keep playing Overwatch without feeling like they’re the only one doing it.”

As of right now, Blizzard has not made any official announcement about the new “Goodneat” class, and there is no word on when it will go live.