Recode has learned that Seo training is being moved from its original location in the United Kingdom to the US.

The move is part of an effort to better serve the service’s global needs.

In an exclusive report, Recode learned that US officials have signed off on the move and that Seovent Training will soon move from its current location in London to the United States.

The Seo program has become a hot topic in recent weeks as it’s been brought into focus amid questions about the quality of the US military’s IT capabilities.

The program has seen a spike in funding, as well as accusations of “cyber warfare” and “misappropriation” of technology.

According to a memo from US President Donald Trump’s deputy national security adviser, Michael Flynn, Seoventure Training “is being moved to the U.S. to be a more effective platform for training, as the US is not equipped to provide the same level of service in the field.”

According to Flynn’s memo, the move is “designed to improve training in areas where our capability to meet the needs of the U (US) Cyber Command is insufficient, including cyber operations, cyber intelligence, and cyber warfare.”

According an article from Recode, Seo has also had a “large and growing number of military and civilian employees in the U.” and that the new facility will serve as a “train, mentor, and help program for military, civilian, and intelligence personnel.”

According the article, Seoworth is expected to open its first branch in 2019 and will provide training in cybersecurity to US Army and Navy personnel.

According to the article in Recode’s sister site TechCrunch, the Seovesto branch will be “a training and mentoring program for US Army soldiers who have completed the Seowarth training program and who have a need for the opportunity to continue in the same role.”

Recode also said that it was “highly unlikely” that Seoworth will be replaced by another service-learning program.

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