The best bouldering in Australia: A list of bouldering sites, routes, bouldering gear and more.

article An exclusive list of top bouldering bouldering routes in Australia.

In 2017, the Australian Open announced a new, 10-day schedule that would allow athletes from all over the world to compete in a single event, the Arnold Classic.

The Arnold Classic was designed to encourage a global audience to get behind the sport of boulders and build on their incredible physical strength.

Australia’s most popular bouldering destination, South West Australia’s Tressa, is the perfect base for the Arnold classic.

Tressa’s main climbing route, the Elsbury Gorge, is one of the most popular routes in the world.

It is known as the first bouldering route in the Commonwealth of Australia, as well as the top climbing route in New Zealand.

At Tressas summit, the route is the highest route in Australia, with a total height of 9.8m (28ft) and a width of 1.7m (3ft).

The route’s popularity is largely due to the fact that the bouldering can be a very intense sport.

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In 2018, the 2018 Olympic Games took place in Glasgow.

After the Games, a massive boom in the boulders industry ensued, with the arrival of more equipment, training and the addition of more routes and routes in more areas of the country.

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