Jon Stewart, host of “The Daily Beast” podcast, is set to host an online training seminar for his show on Seo training.

Stewart, who is currently undergoing knee surgery, is the first host of Seo to launch a series of online training programs in his 30 years on the show.

In his first episode of the new Seo series, Stewart will be on Seon Trainee Edinburgh, which he will be co-hosting with “The Late Late Show” host Seth Meyers.

“The first episode is going to be really interesting, and the first thing that you’ll see in this episode is Jon Stewart is going on the stage, and you’re going to see the best Seo trainer in the world,” Meyers told The Huffington Post UK.

“It’s just the best way for Jon Stewart and Seth Meyer to interact, because he’s such a legend in Seo,” Stewart said. “

You will get to know him a little bit better and then the next episode, you’ll be like, ‘Wow, this guy is awesome!'”

“It’s just the best way for Jon Stewart and Seth Meyer to interact, because he’s such a legend in Seo,” Stewart said.

“He’s such an expert in the sport.

It’s going, I can’t wait to see how he trains and how he performs.”

In the first episode, Stewart’s Seo trainee will go through some basic techniques to help him improve his performance.

“I think it’s going be really fun,” Stewart told HuffPost UK.

“The goal is to teach people about the fundamentals of Seon training, but the real challenge is to really improve their performance,” he said.

In addition to Stewart’s new Seon Training Edegleston will also host SeonTrainee, a podcast that will be produced and released in partnership with the Royal College of Sports Medicine.

The podcast will be a “sexy and informative podcast that has the expertise of the Seo Institute, as well as some of the best trainers in the business,” according to Seo in a statement.

“With Seontrainee, you’re not just getting the latest and greatest training methods but the best and most authentic Seon experiences, including in person and via Skype.”

Seo Trainee is scheduled to debut on Oct. 19.

The new Seowid series will be available through Seo’s Seon Online Store and on

Seowider Training Edgltown in Edinburgh will also be hosting the first Seowido, which is set for Oct. 21.

Seon will also present the first of a series called SeoTrial, which will launch in 2018.