The man who runs the Glasgow training gym where a police officer was stabbed to death last year says he has no regrets about his actions and believes the killer could have been stopped.

In a shocking interview with The Courier Mail, which aired on Tuesday, Kevin MacLeod said he was called to the scene at the Glaswegian National Training Centre by a fellow employee on the day of the attack.

“I went in there and there were two guys at the door,” Mr MacLeod, who is also a former member of the Scotland Yard force, told the newspaper.

“They came in and said they needed someone to help them get through the night.”

There was a young guy with a knife in his hand, I think it was, who was about 30, 30, he was a bit agitated, he had blood on his shirt, he looked quite violent.

“We didn’t need any help, we could have handled it ourselves.”

At the time, I didn’t even know if it was going to happen, it was a really, really stupid thing to do.

“He said he confronted the man about what had happened and “tried to say I wasn’t going to do it again”.”

He didn’t respond, he kept saying I was going, I wasn’s going to kill him.

“Mr MacLeod then spoke to the police station, who then called the ambulance service.”

When the ambulance came, I was very, very upset, it wasn’t the first time I’d been called, I’ve been called twice before, and I was told it’s my own fault,” Mr McLeod said.”

It’s very traumatic.

“The paramedics told me, I’ll be in trouble, the police will come in and I’ll just have to deal with it.”‘

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