article Posted by The American Conservatives on Friday, January 24, 2014 11:06:26It’s a great day to be a Texas resident.

The National Weather Service says there is “very little” chance of a record high of 50 degrees in Austin or Houston by the weekend.

However, the forecast says a high of 60 degrees will likely occur Saturday.

In addition to those two cities, there are a few more to consider:The weather forecast for parts of Texas calls for a high wind of up to 75 mph with scattered thunderstorms and rain from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., with scattered lightning and rain, and winds of up.

It also includes a high probability of flooding.

That’s not to say there won’t be some rain.

The National Weather System Center said that the rain would “continue to build over the next few days” in parts of the state, but that it would be “not likely to be catastrophic” in most parts of areas affected by the storms.

The storm will likely bring rain in areas north of Austin, but also in parts east of the city and in areas west of it.

And it could bring a few inches of rain to areas north and west of Houston.

In contrast, the storm will be more likely to bring more rain to parts of Dallas, and to parts south of it and east of it, and a lot of it in parts west of Austin.

As for Houston, the National Weather Center says the rain won’t come until the afternoon or evening, with scattered showers, and there could be thunderstorms on the ground from 3 p.s. to 5 p.p.m.:”We expect some rain to fall over Houston by early Saturday, but we will not see a tornado event,” the forecast states.

“While this event is not expected to be dangerous, we would caution against driving through areas of high water due to flooding.

There is a chance that this will cause serious injury to people and property, and that this may create a hazardous area.”

Houston and other parts of southwest Texas could see up to three inches of rainfall in a two-hour period Saturday, with more rainfall expected Sunday.

The weather service says that some areas could see as much as two inches of precipitation in a single day.

A tornado warning remains in effect through Saturday afternoon and Sunday night.

The Weather Channel is forecasting an isolated tornado over parts of Houston, and then an isolated thunderstorm over parts and a tornado over the city.

A severe thunderstorm is possible, with winds up to 145 mph.

A flash flood warning remains for parts east and south of the cities, and for parts west and north of the metropolitan area.

The threat of tornadoes is low, according to the National Hurricane Center, but not insignificant.

The NHC says that “most tornadoes will not produce significant damage, but they can cause flooding, damage to property, or have some form of wind disturbance.”