The Bachelor contestants have found themselves in a new reality show.

The first episode of The Bachelor in the UK aired on Monday and is set to go live on the US Channel Ten network.

In the first episode, contestants are asked to get married and get a new house, but it’s not going to be a typical Bachelor life.

The Bachelor in Thailand, the show that will air on Channel Ten in the US, has a theme that involves getting married.

The contestants in The Bachelor, in Thailand.

(AP: Thea Thao)In a twist, the hosts of the show have chosen to name the show “The Bachelor.”

The Bachelor will be produced by the popular Australian production company, The Bachelor and it is expected to air on US cable channels, such as Fox.

The ABC has yet to confirm the series is in the works.

The show’s host, Ashley Olsen, told the BBC the show will be different to the usual Bachelor:It’s going to have a much more realistic, realistic feel to it.

The theme will be about the challenges of being the new person in a relationship.

I think people are going to go, “Wow, that’s really different,” Olsen said.

“And I think it’s going