The seo-trained football player has won a silver medal for his country at the Rio Olympics, but is still a long way from being able to move around and compete on the field.

The player, known only as “Seo” after his nationality, won the bronze medal in the 10-meter and 20-meter hurdles on Thursday night.

He has been training with the national team for the past six months, after spending more than a year abroad in Europe.

The 22-year-old has been a part of the seo program since 2010.

“I was the one who convinced the coach that the seos are going to be the best,” said Seo, who was born in Japan.

“But I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly.

We are all so happy to be able play again.”

He added that the team has been enjoying the training sessions, which are held every three weeks.

“It’s a great way to develop.

The seos do a lot of work, which makes them good people,” he said.

The team has also been busy training for the upcoming World Cup.

“We are working on everything from physical fitness to our communication,” Seo said.

“There’s no need to train when we’re in Rio.

We can come back anytime.

I’m sure it will be good.”